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This works has been supported by the Polish Ministry of Scientific Research and Information Technology -> grant No. 3 T11C 014 26.

What is RPS?

"Raw Packet Sender (RPS), is a tool for testing the performance of WWW servers. Our solution allows for testing servers with arbitrary number of source IP addresses although the traffic originates from only one physical NIC. In order to better mimic the real life environment we implemented an HTTP session interarrival time generator based on Markov Modulated Poisson Process (MMPP), which can closely match auto-covariance and the marginal distribution of recorded web traffic traces."

In other words...

RPS is a program to emulate a web sessions with MMPP generated arrival times. If you are interested in details you can take a look at the section below. Feeling a bit unsatisfied we have also implemented IP spoofing so as to be able to test the target server with connections pretending to origibate from many different source IPs. The networking part has been based on the WinPcap - see above for links. You can download the binaries of the RPS in order to run some tests on your own. The source code is to ugly to post it here but, if you are interested please let me know.