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About TFA

Texture is one of the most important characteristics used in idetifying regions or objects being in scope of image reasearchers interests. Moreover, it is relevant wether the image is an aerial photograph, satelite image or microscopic image. TFA Application allows to easily calculate textural features of an image based on the Gray Spacial Ditribution Matrices. TFA Application is based on professor Robert M. Haralick, K. Shanmugam and Its'hak Dinstein article: Textural features for image classification ->. The TFA application is currently being used at the Cancer Centre -> in Gliwice - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Institute.



Herewith authours would like to thank dr Mirosław Śnietura from Computer Image Ananlysis and Confocal Microscopy Laboratory at the Cancer Centre -> in Gliwice and mgr Paweł Kaczmarzyk for their suggestions and support.