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Politechnika Śląska Reference References from dr Jarosław Francik received after returning from the SOCRATES scholarship at the Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK. References treat about creation of arbitrary precision, floating point large numbers library. This library was developed using the STL components.
Oncology Centre Reference References from dr Mirosław Śnietura, head of the Laboratory for Digital Images Analysis in the Tumor Patology Division of Oncology Centre - Institute of Maria Skłodowskia-Curie. References treat about creation of a program (TFA) for calculation of textural features for an image based on the Gray Spacial Ditribution Matrices. Program uses the prof. Haralick's factors.

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FH Aalen References References from prof. Manfred Strahnen from FH Aalen (currrently FH Ulm). References treat about my activities at the FH Aalen as the "studentische Hilfskraft" and my work on the components of the University Information System.
State Psychiatric Hospital in Rybnik Reference References from the head of the SPZOZ State Psychiatric Hospital in Rybnik, Poland dr Stanisław Urban. References treat about creation and implementation of the Document Distribution System - WEBDOC. Creation and implementation of WEBDOC System was the topic of my Master Thesis.

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